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Beaujolais Nouveau: France's national wine party!

A long-standing tradition to welcome the new wine for the year, all of France celebrates the 'arrival' of Beaujolais Nouveau.

A bit like France's Thanksgiving, on the third Thursday of November, the entire country gathers around the table, either at home or in bars and restaurants to celebrate the year's first wine, Beaujolais Nouveau. This national wine party is also said to celebrate the “conviviality” of the French and it is widely celebrated with friends, family and complete strangers across the hexagon.

This is not the wine of meticulous aging--this is wine to be consumed in quantity. The official release of the new Beaujolais hits the shelves with much fanfare, and disappears just as quickly! There are banners, posters, events, and just about every restaurant, bar, and cave will have a celebratory apéro, typically offering a charcuterie platter and a selection of cheeses along with the new Beaujolais. Festivities start at midnight on 16 November and tend to last all weekend.

To find fun events near you, search social media for the following hashtags:

A few notable events in 06:


Offering a charcuterie or cheese platter and a bottle of Beaujolais for €20

Glass €3.50

42 rue jean jaures

06400 Cannes


This spirit shop is offering a special tasting for €3 per glass.

19 rue Jules et Aline Avigdor

06300 Nice


Free wine tasting and sausage at the large spirits shop from 6 pm, expect to be plied with wine until you leave with a case!

Les moulins deux

2791 Chem. de Saint-Bernard, batiment C

06220 Vallauris





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