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Camille Chamoux to host 6th Canneseries opening ceremony

Canal+ will broadcast the opening ceremony of the 6th edition of Canneseries with host, actress Camille Chamoux.

Opening ceremony of the international streaming festival will take place on Friday, 14 April in the Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès with host Camille Chamoux. The French writer and actress started out in 2006 with her first show on stage, ‘Camille attaque’. In 2012, ‘Née sous Giscard’, a dark and funny show, was a true success, just like her last two one-woman shows: ‘L’esprit de contradiction’ (directed by Camille Cottin) and ‘Le temps de vivre’ (directed by Vincent Dedienne). A free spirit of comedy, we can also find her on the radio and on television. She was introduced to the cinema with her first film, ‘Les Gazelles’ in 2014, directed by Mona Achache, for which she was a co-writer and actress, and has, since then, never stopped filming. She played in ‘Premières Vacances’ by Patrick Cassir in 2018, opposite Jonathan Cohen, and this year, will be in ‘Petaouchnok’ alongside Pio Marmaï and Philippe Rebbot.

The actress participated in Canneseries in 2020 with the series ‘La Flamme’, a CANAL+ original creation by Jonathan Cohen, in which she plays the unforgettable Chataléré. In response to being chosen as host, Camille said:

“It is an honour to be hosting the opening ceremony of Canneseries because it gathers many of my passions: stand-up comedy, laughter, happiness and series. I watch a lot of series. They are another kind of cinema. Another language. They don’t have the same connection to time and narrative. They are as good as cinema but different.”

Currently touring France with her latest show, ‘Le Temps de vivre’, Camille will return to theatres in June with the film ‘Processus de Paix’, by Ilan Klipper, and back on television with the series, ‘Les Randonneuses’ by Fanny Riedberger and Anna Fregonese (TFA), and ‘Tapie’ by Tristan Seguela and Olivier Demangel.

Tickets to Canneseries are free and open to everyone!

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