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Cannes’ hottest new rooftop: Forville Market

Transforming a concrete square into a lush public garden, Marché Forville is getting a complete makeover.

Current Forville Marketplace © Ville de Cannes

Nestled at the foot of the Suquet historic quarter, the Marché Forville is the “soul” of the city. Built in 1884 and covered in 1932, this thriving market square is not only a historic location, but it's also symbolic of Cannes’ identity.

The largest and oldest marketplace in the seaside city, Forville has long been showing its age with well-worn red floor tiles and old stucco walls. As promised by Mayor David Lisnard during his campaign, the city of Cannes has announced the renovation project of the Marché de Forville, transforming its roof – currently an inaccessible concrete slab - into a Mediterranean rooftop garden and event space.

A building built by my grandfather, Léon Lisnard, more than a century ago.

The project also revamps the neighbouring area, beautifying the entrance to popular cafes and restaurants that surround the market square. The renovations will improve the attractiveness of the area, support shop owners and create a new green space in the very heart of the city. Furthermore, the project aims to protect the Provençal culture of the market.

Before and after of the Forville Market renovation. © Ville de Cannes

For the first son of Cannes, Forville Market holds a special place in Mayor Lisnard’s heart. At the presentation of the new project, he stated:

“The opening of a public garden on the Marché Forville’s roof is a very dear project to me. On the one hand, it has to do directly with Cannes’ soul, and on the other hand because it is an iconic building in the city. A building built by my grandfather, Léon Lisnard, more than a century ago. The renovation of our architectural heritage, its value and the sharing, it’s the transmission of the past and the capacity to build towards the future.”

This project is enshrined in Lisnard’s ambition to embellish the city’s public spaces with more greenery while improving the local quality of life. The city is currently in the process of multiple massive renovation projects from the Allées de la Liberté to the Croisette, where a state-of-the-art makeover is changing the look of the famed boulevard. You can read about that project here.

A new green and useful space

The proposed Forville rooftop project, subject to change. © Ville de Cannes

While creating a city turned towards the future, safe, attractive, and sustainable, Cannes is implementing, in each renovated area, protections for its architectural heritage, to respect its identity as it's passed it on to future generations.

As a symbol of the very heart of Cannes, renovating the Marché Forville was key. With its 2,900 square-metre roof, which once was a parking more than 20 years ago, it was important for the city to revive this dormant space and put it to good use.

Included in this project:

  • Planting of trees and citruses from Provence, aromatic plants, and fragrant flowers.

  • The use of urban property made of forged iron, colour coordinated in green.

  • Creation of a kiosk on the west side of the roof.

  • Creation of a social tasting space.

  • Planning of wide pedestrian spaces with fabulous views of the Suquet.

  • Construction of a pedestrian ramp and a lift from Rue Louis Blanc.

  • Renovation of the streets around the market (Rue Louis Blanc and Rue des Halles).

The proposed Forville rooftop project, subject to change. © Ville de Cannes

Cultivating the Provençale identity of the market

In order to support Marché Forville’s attractivity and cultivate its Provençal identity, this project also includes:

  • The replacement of the current market floor with a light pink sanded concrete

  • Improvement of the market’s lighting to properly highlight the products, as well as the architecture.

  • Reorganisation of the stands

  • Facade renovation to claim the market’s Provencal identity

  • Creation of a new visual identity with a unique logo

The project has been created with the green light of the Bâtiments de France Architect, the renovations will improve the quality of life for the local merchants and residents. It will also give a breath of fresh air to the whole area. The renovations will last 24 months and are set to start in October 2023 and end in October 2025.





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