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Chic Summer Evenings at ZIA: Hotel Metropole's Culinary Pop-Up

Enjoy exquisite pizza in a setting that's both stylish and relaxed, making it the perfect spot for a memorable summer dinner.

Odyssey by night Hotel Metropole MC Studio Phenix

If you're searching for the ultimate summer dining experience in Monte-Carlo, look no further than ZIA at the Hotel Metropole's Odyssey. Each summer, the Metropole hosts a unique poolside pop-up restaurant for light dining aside the brilliant blue water of the terrace pool, the creative vision of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. This years' chic, open-air pop-up promises to dazzle your taste buds with unique and contemporary pizzas and Italian delicacies.

The dynamic duo behind this venture, Manon Santini and Rocco Seminara, blend their Italian heritage with modern culinary techniques to offer a truly unique dining experience. Their mission is to revive traditional Italian flavours using the highest quality ingredients.

Pizza with a Twist

Arancini allo zafferano Hotel Metropole MC ©Matthieu Cellard

Manon and Rocco’s pizzas are a testament to their dedication to quality and innovation. Their meticulously crafted dough, made from a blend of Italian flours and left to rest for 48 to 72 hours, results in a crust that is both light and crisp. Spread with organic durum wheat semolina, each pizza achieves a perfect, crunchy texture.

The menu ranges from classic favourites like Margherita and Napoletana to more sophisticated offerings featuring truffle or avocado caviar. And don't miss out on the desserts – Manon Santini, crowned World Champion Pizza Dessert in 2019, creates sweet pizzas that are as creative as they are delicious. Highlights include the strawberry-pistachio pizza and the decadent chocolate and hazelnut praline pizza from Piedmont.

A Fashionable Setting

Nestled by the pool in a haute couture setting, Odyssey is where luxury meets leisure. The ambiance, meticulously designed by Lagerfeld, exudes elegance and modern sophistication, making it one of the trendiest spots in the Principality. Imagine dining under the stars, surrounded by fashionable decor, with the gentle sounds of water providing the perfect backdrop.

About the Chefs

Manon Santini, with a rich background in pastry and an impressive list of accolades, brings her expertise and creativity to ZIA. Her journey from hotel school in Marseille to becoming the Head Pastry Chef of the Bagatelle Group showcases her dedication and passion for culinary arts.

Rocco Seminara, a celebrated chef known for his Mediterranean cuisine, has worked alongside culinary legends like Alain Ducasse and Joël Robuchon. His experience and commitment to exceptional flavours shine through every dish at ZIA.

From the stunning poolside views to the innovative menu, ZIA promises an unforgettable evening of dolce vita under the stars. Book soon, as this pop-up only lasts until 31 August!

ZIA at the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

4 Av. de la Madone

98000 Monaco





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