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France's best chefs cook for you at Les Étoiles de Mougins

Sample dishes from France's best and most decorated chefs at this unmissable gastronomic event for the public to meet, greet and taste the chef's special creations. #lesetoilesdemougins

Les Etoiles de Mougins
A trio of women chefs! Lisa Psaume, Morgane, Sandrine Collonges ©lesetoilesdemougins

Les Etoiles de Mougins is a beloved food fair in the Riviera, bringing together the top chefs in the region, and afar, to create a selection of dishes for the public to enjoy. Taking place over the weekend of 17 & 18 September, the city of Mougins becomes an epicurean pilgrimage for chefs and foodies alike.

The theme this year’s 14th edition is MOF Chefs, or chefs who have been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Best worker in France’ (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). This coveted title is worn proudly and visibly on the chef's coat, easily identifiable by the blue, white and red collar. Keep your eye out for this during the festival and you will note how many fabulous chefs are serving up their gastronomic creations.

Chef Jacques Maximin, MOF © Les Étoiles de Mougins

Chef Jacques Maximin

The guest of honour for this year’s Toiles de Mougins is none other than the legendary Jacques Maximin, considered a model for a new generations of chefs. Born in the north of France, it was the southern charm of Provencal markets that lured him to the region, taking the helm at the Chantecler du Negresco in 1978 where he quickly earned his MOF title and 2 Michelin stars! He left his mark on several starred restaurants: "Le Théâtre", in Nice; "Le Jacques Maximin" in Vence; and "Le Bistrot de la Marine" in Cagnes-sur-Mer, before taking to the pen to author several cookery books. After 58 years of career, his passion remains intact, teaching at the prestigious school of his late friend, Alain Ducasse.

The agenda includes dozens of culinary demonstrations and workshops by these top chefs; competitions; dedications; conferences and many other surprises… Not to mention the food!

More than a hundred Chefs will be gathered to meet the public, plus the following:

  • Two vast demonstration areas with "cooking shows" presented by the greatest French and foreign French and foreign chefs.

  • An " Arène des délices " dedicated to pastry making.

  • About sixty workshops for adults and children.

  • A "conference" area where exciting themes will be discussed such as "French pastry, a unique art in the world"; "The excellence of French gastronomy in the world"; "The best workers of France" or "The French, crazy about chocolate"...

  • Two prestigious competitions highlighting the new generation of young Chefs and and young pastry chefs.

  • An open-air catering area in the heart of the village, where the public can enjoy on the spot or to take away the Mouginois restaurant owners' specialities...

  • Numerous exhibitors of artisanal products around the theme of gastronomy.

  • A wine fair, with the presence of many wineries.

  • A "brewery" corner with a large panel of craft beers to discover.

One of the many workshops hosted by Chefs. ©Les Etoiles de Mougins


About sixty workshops of 1 - 1h30 for adults and children are planned over the two days with talented chefs from not only France but also from Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Morocco.

Price : 15 € per person


The greatest Chefs make a show and reveal their talent live.


Price : 5 €

Don't miss this opportunity experience the way the French celebrate gastronomy!

Just in case you don't realise how seriously the French revere their chefs...

Les Étoiles de Mougins

17 & 18 September

Complete schedule and reservations on the website :





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