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Fun and Free Evenings in Monaco: Summer 2024 at Fort Antoine

Mark your calendars and enjoy a summer filled with artistic delights under the stars in Monaco! Experience an Eclectic Blend of Music and Theater from July 2 to July 30.

Ana Carla Maza © 24 images

Monaco’s Fort Antoine Theater invites you to an enchanting season of free musical and theatrical performances from July 2 to July 30, 2024 this summer. The ancient fort, with its imposing stone walls high upThe season, curated by the Directorate of Cultural Affairs, promises to deliver an eclectic mix of high-quality, festive, and convivial entertainment.

Fort Antoine Theater

The stone fortress, overlooking the Med, was built at the beginning of the 18th century to protect Monaco from intruders. Today, the outdoor theatre, nestled at the end of Avenue de la Quarantaine, is not only a venue but a cultural landmark known for its eclectic and high-quality programming. This historic open-air theatre offers a unique and intimate setting where audiences can enjoy a diverse selection of performances under the stars. The 2024 season continues this tradition with a vibrant mix of music and theatre.

The season’s lineup was unveiled on June 19 by Florence Ferrari, Secretary General of the Department of the Interior, Françoise Gamerdinger, Director of Cultural Affairs of Monaco, Julien Burle, Deputy Director, and Gilles Marsan, Head of Music Programming.

For the first time, the program will feature four concerts:

Baptiste Trottignon Trio © Thomas Dorn

  • July 2: The season kicks-off with a performance by the talented duo Fred and Nico Dumani from Porto-Vecchio. Their evening themed around Corsica is set to charm audiences with their vocals and guitar skills.

  • July 12: Ana Carla Maza will captivate the audience with her latest album, showcasing her unique musical style.

  • July 23: Clara Ysé, another highly anticipated performer, will present her newest work, promising an unforgettable night.

  • July 25: The renowned jazz artist Baptiste Trottignon, along with his trio, will mesmerize the crowd with his jazz-infused rock covers.

The theatre segment remains true to its tradition of contemporary productions that engage with current issues:

  • July 5: Jérôme Rouger will delve into the role of artists in modern society in his performance "In Case of Imminent Danger."

  • July 16: Marine Colard’s "The Sacred Shot" will creatively nod to the upcoming Olympic Games through a blend of theatre and dance.

  • July 30: Benjamin Tholosan will wrap up the season with his one-man show "Sharp Talk," exploring regional accents in a humorous and thought-provoking manner.

Open Mic Night

For the second year running, an open stage event on July 19 will give young artists from Monaco the opportunity to showcase their talents in theater, music, circus arts, and visual arts at Fort Antoine.

Join us this July at Fort Antoine Theater, located on Avenue de la Quarantaine, Monaco, for a series of unforgettable free events that celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary music and theater.

Theatre de Forte Antoine

 July 2 - July 30, 2024

Fort Antoine, Avenue de la Quarantaine, Monaco

The events are free, but tickets must be reserved ahead, by booking through:

Or, in person at the Theatre Princesse Grace.





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