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Hotel Univers in Nice reopens with a new look and 4 stars

After 15 months of renovations, the historic hotel in central Nice now offers a fun, contemporary stay off Place Masséna.

Located just off the busy Avenue Jean Médécin, Hotel Univers has reopened after a 15-month renovation. Along the way, the storied hotel picked up a fourth star and a brand new interior design concept.

In a nod to its name, Univers Hotel invites guests on an astral journey to the heart of the Côte d'Azur. With Asian-inspired wallpaper, world maps, and a library with travel-inspired tomes in different languages, her new design aims to transport guests to a world away from home.

The new Hotel Univers features 70 rooms across 6 floors, most of them with a view of the beautiful shops and the mythical orange ochre façade of the Galeries Lafayette Nice Masséna.

This historic spot now offers a refined and contemporary environment in one of the most central locations you can get! Our favourite part? The beautiful views over Place Masséna and the elegant Avenue Jean Médécin.

2, rue de la liberté

06000 Nice





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