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Midem is back in Cannes!

The legendary industry music event, Midem, becomes Mid3m+ and is relaunching for the 2023 edition with patron Jean Michel Jarre.

Jean-Michel Jarre
Patron of the 2023 edition, Jean-Michel Jarre

The world of music has changed. From the first digital formats to the resurrection of live music, Midem, the leading international platform of the music industry, has been a great witness to these changes. The city of Cannes and the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is relaunching this event organised since 1967 in Cannes, with the help of three complementary talents: HOPSCOTCH international group of global communication, PANDA EVENTS organiser of cultural events and music festivals of scale, and PIANITY, the first French platform dedicated to the purchase, sale and exchange of musical NFTs. This year’s special patron is international artist and Futurist composer, Jean Michel Jarre, who is considered one of the greatest ambassadors of the metaverse in France and abroad

“Thanks to David Lisnard, Cannes’ mayor, MIDEM will be remodelled and brings music back to centre stage, recreating a unique and modern event. I’m happy to be the patron of this new 3.0 edition turned towards the metaverse and a new means of music production. I will be premiering OXYMORE during the opening, and the three exclusive concerts with immersive and multichannel sound systems.”

-Jean-Michel Jarre


Just over a year ago, the 55-year running music festival was officially cancelled by the organisers, RX France (formerly REED MIDEM). Slowing attendance and devastating Covid effects had proven too much to consider the festival viable. However, it was the city’s mayor who vowed to save the once lavish industry festival, bringing it into the modern era and saving an important international music gathering.

After the announced cancellation in December 2021, Cannes faced the loss of not only in important revenue stream for the city but also a major player in the city's audio-visual creative arts line-up. In an unprecedented move, the city of Cannes acquired the Midem brand in May 2022 and subsequently handed over the reigns to SEMEC (which runs the Palais des Festivals) for the organisation of the event. At the time, Mayor Lisnard stated: “In order to revitalise this emblematic event, the City of Cannes is taking over MIDEM so that it once again becomes the essential meeting place for music professionals from around the world.”

But industry insiders weren’t convinced the small French Riviera city could pull it off. In a 2022 article by “Digital Music News”, they described the Midem ‘comeback plan’ as ‘thin’ and a ‘daunting challenge.’

Et voilà, less than a year later, MID3M+ brings the festival into the 21st century, incorporating the latest tech in Web 3, NFTs and immersive environments. It will offer keynotes, conferences, masterclasses, networking sessions, concerts, performances and other activities, becoming the music industry’s first think tank.

The new MID3M+ is designed by and for music professionals, thus pursuing the stated ambition to represent the entire global music ecosystem: artists, producers, managers, publishers, artist and label services, artistic directors, show producers, entrepreneurs but also brands, media, researchers, and engineers. To this end, the MuSee+ (Music Seekers+) community will be created, the first business club and think tank of the music industry, which will bring together the top 100 decision-makers of the sector who, as founders and lifetime members of MuSee+, will be closely associated with the definition of the editorial line and the DNA of MID3M+.

Three new spaces will be launched for this 2023 edition of the remodelled Midem:

  • MID3M+ Agora: a place of business, exchange and influence, the MID3M+ is more than ever an international market for the music industry, bringing together all its stakeholders. Redesigned to be more spectacular and interactive, consisting of networking spaces, round tables, and keynotes, Agora is the heart of exchanges between communities.

  • MID3M+ Live: organized by the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès with the support of Panda Events. Music is made to be experienced live at MID3M+ with concerts by emerging and established artists, open to the public, and immersive and innovative artistic experiences, using Web3 to make it resonate physically and digitally.

  • MID3M+ Academy: a place of reflection and foresight, is also a place of professional training for artists and professionals.

“The City of Cannes relaunched Midem in order to support the music industry and reinforce the city economy surrounding it. It’s also a tool to position Cannes as the leader of the creative and cultural industry. This international event will be known as MID3M+ and will represent music professionals but also promote technological and artistic innovations. It was created by and for each music industry professional and the public.”

-David Lisnard, Cannes’ Mayor

In Concert

Clockwise from the top: Sofiane Pamart, Hyphen Hyphen, Fatboy Slim, the National Orchestra of Cannes.

Photos courtesy of Ville de Cannes.

In keeping with the city’s requirement to include locals in all its festivals, a number of concerts will be open to the public, including shows by Jean Michel Jarre, Fatboy Slim, Sofiane Pamart, Hyphen Hyphen, the National Orchestra of Cannes and more. Tickets are available at

MID3M+ 23

19 – 21 JANUARY, 2023





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