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Monaco Classic Week sails into the principality

See a stunning collection of vintage #motorboats and #sailboats from the the turn of the 20th century for the return of #MonacoClassicWeek.

This week, a new edition of Monaco Classic Week begins. Known as "La Belle Classe", the biennale event was the first gathering in the world to honour both sailing and motor boats. While waiting for the Monaco Yacht Show and its technological innovations, the Yacht Club de Monaco organises the event and proves once again its attachment to the maritime heritage of sailing that began with the first motorboat meetings in 1904.

This event is the only one to bring together the most beautiful traditional sailing boats, with vintage motor-yachts and old motorboats, to which a fleet of twelve Dinghies has been added for the last four editions. Boats from all over the world will gather for the event.

The private collection of Prince Albert I

The Yacht Club partners with the Albert I-2022 Committee to exhibit objects from its collection relating to motorboat racing in Monaco (1904-1923) during the reign of Prince Albert I. The exhibition brings to light some sixty works that have been taken out of storage, restored and exhibited for the first time. A documentary film shows the stages of the restoration campaign.

You can explore the collection in a playful way with an interactive application on a touch pad. Guided tours, supervised by the curator, are also offered. The exhibition highlights the central role the Principality of Monaco played in the technological development of aeronautics at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Yacht Club's very own vintage sailboat, Tuiga, is always out winning regattas, despite it dating to 1909! The gorgeous vessel is a source of pride and, of course bragging rights for the club.

To watch the unique boats gathering, you can go to the Rainier III Auditorium, the Rainier III Solarium or even the Jardin Saint Martin and the YCM terraces. Finally, on Saturday you shouldn’t miss the Classic Week closing ceremony starting in front of the Musée Océanographique from 4 to 5pm.

Check out our full yachting calendar here for all the other events this year.





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