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Monaco Grand Prix 2023: 80 years of speed, glamour, and heritage

The 80th edition of this legendary race offers the best opportunity for a Monegasque to take the podium. Will Monaco's favourite driver finally taste hometown glory?

The much-awaited Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious events in the world of motorsports, is set to captivate fans and enthusiasts alike this weekend. As the open qualifications kicked off today, anticipation builds for the exhilarating race day on Sunday. With its rich history, legendary circuit, and glamorous backdrop, the Monaco Grand Prix promises a captivating spectacle that blends speed, precision, and luxury. The Formula 1 Grand Prix isn’t only about watching a race. It is an entire weekend experience that involves fine dining, lavish suites and non-stop service.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its inception in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix has established itself as an iconic race on the Formula 1 calendar. The challenging street circuit, winding through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo, demands unparalleled skill and precision from drivers. The circuit's history is dotted with memorable moments, including Ayrton Senna's record-setting six victories and Graham Hill's five wins, earning him the title of "Mr. Monaco.”

Today, the circuit has changed little as the country has built up and expanded around it. The biggest changes were made with the addition of new buildings, including the Fairmont Hotel (Loews at the time) and the Nautic stadium. Each of these made for famous parts of the track, “The Fairmont Hairpin” and “La Piscine,” respectively.

The 2023 edition of the Monaco Grand Prix features an impressive lineup of top drivers representing renowned teams. Monaco resident and seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, will no doubt showcase his mastery behind the wheel for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team. Max Verstappen - the young prodigy and Hamilton's fierce rival - will be aiming to secure another victory for Red Bull Racing Honda. But it’s Charles Leclerc, a hometown hero (and F1 heartthrob) who is yet again the favourite for the win. There is a bit of an urban legend about a curse on Monegasque drivers. There have only been two hometown winners since the inception of the race, including Chiron, the namesake of the once-fastest Bugatti. Leclerc’s series of unfortunate events at his home race has done nothing but fuel this legend, from engine failures to brake problems, or just plain bad luck. But each year, the hope (and pressure) for him to take the podium on his home turf grows bigger. Whatever the outcome, he and his new teammate, Carlos Sainz Jr. (who took 2nd last year) look set to delight fans and please their team at Scuderia Ferrari.

A luxury race, a luxury trophy

For the third year in a row, the golden Grand Prix de Monaco Trophy will be presented in a bespoke #LouisVuitton Travel Case as part of an ongoing partnership between the fashion house and the Automobile Club de Monaco. This tailor-made trunk, in red and white, the colours of the Principality, will house the trophy that will be awarded to the 2023 winner. We'll have to wait for Sunday to find out if it will be a legend-breaking winner.

The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Casino Square in Monte-Carlo ©ACM_Magoni
Casino Square in Monte-Carlo ©ACM_Magoni

For spectators seeking the ultimate Monaco Grand Prix experience, two prime locations stand out: a yacht in Port Hercule or a balcony at the Fairmont Hotel. Aboard a luxurious yacht, spectators can enjoy unrivalled views of the race as the drivers navigate the hairpin turns and charge along the iconic harbour section. The ambience is one of opulence, with guests indulging in gourmet cuisine and sipping champagne while witnessing the exhilarating action unfold.

Alternatively, the Fairmont Hotel's balconies provide a splendid vantage point for witnessing the exhilarating race. Perched above the track, at the tightest hairpin curve of the circuit, spectators can soak in the electrifying atmosphere and marvel at the skill and precision of the drivers. The breathtaking views, coupled with the opulent setting, create an experience that epitomises the fusion of glamour and motorsport.

There are several Grandstand areas to watch the race and tickets are still available through the Automobile Club de Monaco.

As the Monaco Grand Prix weekend unfolds, excitement and anticipation reverberate through the streets of Monte-Carlo. The race's rich history, legendary circuit, and presence of top drivers from elite teams ensure a thrilling experience for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you choose to watch from a yacht in Port Hercule or a balcony at the Fairmont, the Monaco Grand Prix promises an unforgettable blend of speed, precision, and unbridled luxury. Prepare to be captivated by this unparalleled display of talent and opulence, as the world's finest drivers navigate the challenging streets of Monaco in pursuit of glory.

Monaco Grand Prix

25 - 28 May 2023

Info and tickets: Automobile Club de Monaco





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