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Tibetan sound bowls to soothe your soul at the Spa Givenchy

Don't miss the winter programme at the Hotel Metropole's Spa Givenchy, where you can beautify yourself inside and out.


Givenchy Spa Monaco
Spa Givenchy Reception © W. Pryce

Put on a fresh new face this winter by starting from the inside out! The latest specialist at the Spa Givenchy brings Tibetan Sound bowls for a deeply relaxing sound bath in both group and private sessions. Then, with a calm mind and a renewed spirit, head for a consult with Monaco's top make-up artist to learn how best to highlight your beauty.

What is a soundbath?

Gaining popularity for its ability to deeply relax a person and calm anxiety, the soundbath experience 'bathes' the body in the sound of Tibetan sound bowls, each creating a different resonance matched to the different chakras. A deeply immersive listening experience, it is a gentle experience but highly therapeutic and restorative to a stressed and exhausted mind.

By acting on the chakras and targeting the energy centres, The sounds waves slow the brain and shift the body into a relaxed, almost dream-like state. Free yourself from tension, encourage creativity, and allow your whole being to realign to start the New Year with renewed vitality.

Since early January, the Spa Metropole by Givenchy has been featuring Marine Giovanni, founder of the Paris-based Uman Project, who offers courses and treatments that touch the soul, allowing you to rediscover your authentic self, explore the depths of your inner energy and connect with your dreams and desires.

About Uman Project

Once racked with stress and anxiety from her busy corporate job in Paris, it was during ‘The Great Pause’ of the confinement that Marine was forced to stop the rat race pace of life and returned to her childhood home in the countryside. Marine describes what happened once she stopped the busyness of city life:

“I realised that my life had no meaning, that I was constantly running without knowing where I was going or what I was after. I didn't stop because I was afraid of feeling that emptiness. I wanted to be a lot of things, I felt at once too much and never enough, in short, I didn't know myself.”

Staying home, laying in the sun, eating from the garden made her reconnect to a slower pace, to the earth, to food…to boredom. It was during these periods of boredom that she discovered meditation, returning to her innate and healing an inner void that she avoided for many years. Then she embarked on a voyage of personal discovery, travelling to centres of spirituality to discover and develop a truer connection to herself.


From Mexico, to the mountains of Peru, Marine studied numerous modalities:

“I laid myself bare, uncovered many layers and said goodbye to many masks. With resilience, humility and patience, I gradually came to terms with my essence. I realised that I was the only one creating barriers for myself, the only one maintaining a climate of fear. I realised that I was responsible for my life and for what I thought was possible. I decide my reality and I manifest it. I am everything and nothing at the same time. I am me, and that's enough.”

A long-time insomniac with a brain that would think about anything and everything instead of sleep, Marine experienced her first full night of restful sleep after her first soundbath treatment. The grounding sounds of Tibetan bowls can be a powerful experience for people.


Each bowl is shaped to create a sound wave that resonates with each chakra in the body, and when played all together, creates a harmonising meditation session. Marine brought these hand-forged brass bowls back to Paris, where she initially started holding meditation sessions in a friend’s studio, until she had enough followers through word-of-mouth to open her own studio.

Experience it yourself

For a short time, you can experience her Soundbath session without going to Paris! The Hotel Metropole is delighted to host Marine and her incredible Tibetan sound bowls until the end of February.

Join a group meditation class or schedule a individual private session with Marine in the gorgeous Metropole Spa on the following sets of dates:

January 23/24/25 - February 27/28/29 - March 12/13/14

  • Tuesday morning Group lesson: Sound bath Afternoon energy treatment by appointment

  • Wednesday morning Group lesson: Meditation Afternoon energy treatment by appointment

  • Thursday morning Group lesson: Sound bath Afternoon energy treatment by appointment


Group classes: €55 per person

Energy treatment: €160 per person

Learn to do Make-up right!

After working on your inner beauty, schedule a session with Monaco's highly saught-after Make-up artist to the stars, and creator of Monte-Carlo Make up, Joe Ghannam. This isn't a make-up application and your done, this is a Masterclass on what works best for your face and skin type. Learn how to give yourself a flawless complexion, highlight your best features and play down the ones you don't like, or learn do something other than the smokey eye for your big nights out.

The art of make-up involves mastering certain techniques and choosing the right colours to match your skin tone. Joe will be leading a series of 90-minute sessions in small groups, to share his advice and let you in on all his secrets.

Experience it yourself

The Hotel Metropole invited Bon Vivant to their Press Day to try this inner and outer beauty day and each experience was surprisingly wonderful. In my session with Joe, a simple question about an alternative to the heavy smokey eye gave a demonstration on how to completely glam-up hooded lids with a faux crease, giving the illusion of a much bigger eye and a dramatic look without the heavy, black smokey-eye. We were all absolutely surprised at the transformation his simple trick achieved.

The makeup masterclass was not something I expected to learn so much from and I cannot recommend enough a session with Joe, you will be surprised what he can teach you!

Schedule a group session:

Every Thursday from 15 January to 21 April 2024, from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm


€80 per person


Afternoon Tea is Back!

Metropole Tea Time © Studio Phenix

The return of the Metropole Tea Time!

For a truly delicious and special afternoon tea service designed by their expert pastry chef, book a table any day from 3 - 6pm. Read about the Metropole's take on this British tradition with a French touch in our article on the Metropole Afternoon Tea, here.  

Enjoy until end of March.

Metropole Monte-Carlo

4 avenue de la Madone, 98000 Monaco


+377 93 15 15 10






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