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WAICF: Cannes welcomes the World AI Festival

The world's 1st international Artificial Intelligence festival features leaders from all industries to discuss and share the future.

For 3 days, the prestigious Palais des Festival of Cannes will become the world capital of Artificial Intelligence. Here, decision-makers and AI innovators meet to discuss the most promising innovations and technologies and get to try out immersive experiences. The festival also gives a spotlight to those who are currently building the world’s most game-changing AI strategies and use cases. WAICF offers a truly invaluable learning, networking, and discovery experience to every industry leader looking for a tangible impact on their AI journey. But it's not only for experts, the festival is free and open to the public on Saturday 10 February with thought provoking lectures, educational demonstrations and even areas to try out the latest gadgets and software from top tech companies like Meta and Amazon. Book your free pass for the open day here.

Following the success of the first edition of the World AI Cannes Festival in 2022, which gathered more than 10,000 participants, Cannes welcomes the second edition from 9 - 11 February, organised by Corp Agency and initiated by the City of Cannes, the Alpes Maritimes Departement and EuropIA Institute. During these three days, international professionals, startups, researchers and some of the biggest companies in Tech will introduce the main AI innovations and introduce the public to the economic, human and ethical challenges that come along with this technology. After all, "with great power, comes great responsibility." The moral and ethical ramifications of machine learning is an important part of managing and regulating what AI is capable of. These are the topics, along with the potential of AI, that will be discussed in-depth at several expert-led panels.

Long pushing for the city of Cannes to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, Mayor David Lisnard is pleased that Cannes is the first city to host a festival on artificial intelligence. In a statement about the second edition of this new festival, he noted that the geopolitical balance of the world has changed. He said:

“For a long time, we carried out this project of creating the first international festival for AI professionals. In 2022, the first edition was a great success, welcoming thousands of people. This second edition highlights the changes coming alongside AI, the production process, communication and our lives. The stakes are also geopolitical and concern national sovereignty. History is written in Silicon Valley, China, Japan, Korea and India. What about Europe and more specifically France? We have the potential to become a new Eldorado in this area today and in the future. With the World AI Cannes Festival, Cannes paves the way for AI to become a potential source of development, with healthcare solutions, security and logistics, but also potential for alienation raising multiple questions regarding individual freedom. The only way to think about it is to be proactive, innovative, and creative, try to control this technology, ethically question it, philosophically and insert an economic aspect to it, as well as industrial and scientific. These are the goal of this festival.”

- David Lisnard, Cannes’ Mayor

Honouring the human machine

"Alan T." Theatrical performance honouring Alan Touring

Among the new features of the 2023 WAICF: a tribute to the British mathematician Alan Turing, considered the father of AI. The "Alan T. Show" will take place on Friday, 10 Feb in the Debussy Theatre. Tickets are available through the city of Cannes. There will also be two screenings of the film "Imitation Game" at Espace Miramar, tickets here.

Finding an appropriate home at the WAICF, the fourth edition of the “Cannes Neurons Awards” will be held on 9 Feb, as an evening opening ceremony. This evening will be an opportunity to celebrate the most innovative Artificial Intelligence projects that have a positive impact on society or the planet by rethinking standards. During the ceremony, six finalists will have 3 minutes to present their project to you and persuade you of its relevance. After these "battles" the audience will elect the winners in real-time, electronically for each category: "Inclusive AI," "Sustainable AI," and "Creative AI." We are also pleased to add a new award this year: the “Special Jury Prize”, which will be awarded to a project chosen by our jury.

Strictly business

For those who are industry insiders, there are special events, meetings and VIP soirees to connect with AI companies and scale up tech business. The 2023 WAICF offers specifically for professionals, an insider look at every corner of the exhibition floor of tremendous innovations and technologies powered by the Top 200 AI players.

Explore the most successful AI strategies on the planet

A high-level conference program will be hosting over 100 speakers from around the world and from rich and diverse backgrounds. Get a complete vision of AI in all its diversity, challenges, and complexity through 5 tracks:

  • AI FOR SOCIETY: Understand the benefits of artificial intelligence for society and our planet, and the challenges to overcome

  • AI TODAY & TOMORROW: Explore what AI can do today to imagine what future innovations will bring to tomorrow's society and organisations

  • AI STRATEGY: Get key insights to improve your AI strategy and scale your business to the next level

  • AI TECHNOLOGY: Learn how best to use the different AI technologies, and shape your innovation mindset with top-level speakers

  • AI APPLICATIONS: Get an overview of the progress AI can bring to organisations, thanks to focuses on various industries

Can't attend in person?

This wouldn't be a very tech-conscious festival if it didn't offer everything virtually! If you are interested in attending the conference but can't physically be here in Cannes, there is a virtual pass available. Just visit the link below.

Tickets to the WAICF are available on the main festival website, offering free discovery passes for most of the conference stages and exhibition spaces, paid passes for the full festival and VIP level passes.

Click here for the full programme.





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