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Dine onstage at the Nice Opera and support the arts!

How about dinner in a show? The immensely successful Opera de Nice fundraising dinner puts your table in the middle of the action with a stunning view of the opera house.

The historic opera house in Old Town Nice has just announced "Les Dîners sur scène" are back on this year after the success (and unique fun) of last year. The evenings begin with several round tables set on-stage, where members of the Opera perform in and around the tables, providing a "lively and thrilling" evening complimented by an incredible, multi-course gourmet dinner.

With a philanthropic aim, these two evenings will support the educational and cultural activities of the Nice Côte d'Azur Opera which include much more than just performing operas. Throughout the year, the opera house hosts many activities and performances for all ages, including afterwork get-togethers, solo concerts, musical matinées and even the thrilling Escape Game through the historic building! They also house one of the largest and most equipped set-building and production warehouses at La Diocosmie, where L' Opera de Nice constructs the immense sets, sews original costumes and provides training for the orchestra and ballet. It is through evenings like the on-stage dinners that raise important funding to keep their calendar filled with fun events and continue to attract top musicians and performers. The opera also values the transmission of musical heritage to the younger generations, a key issue for the institution. Get involved to help continue the arts!

Scheduled for Thursday, May 11 and Friday, May 12, this extraordinary gastronomic musical dinner on the Opera's stage, will provide a unique proximity with the artists throughout the evening. Guests will embark on a "lively and surprising journey where good humour is guaranteed!" Performers will include dancers of the Ballet Nice Méditerranée, the musicians of the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra and the artists of the Nice Opera Choir. The evening is directed by Bertrand Rossi.

As a fundraising concert, tickets are €250 per person and tables can be reserved for corporate clients. Reservations are available online.





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