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Gare Croisette: A crossroad of art, culture and music in Cannes

Think the city dies in the winter? Think again! Discover culture, concerts, shopping and food at this new trendy creative haven in Cannes!

For the holidays, Cannes’ Plages Électroniques, Allover, Grand Playground and town hall are happy to announce their new multi-cultural project: Gare Croisette! Thirty-something events will be mingling culture, lifestyle, food, shopping and concerts all in one location. From December 8th to January 22nd, the Gare Maritime in Cannes (next to the Palais) transforms into a new cultural space with endless possibilities. A true safe haven for creatives, Gare Croisette will see artists and young talents share their vision through exhibitions, concerts, events, as well as masterclasses.

Whether you like music, fashion, or food, you will find something to love in this unique location, in the very heart of Cannes, showcasing the best Cannes has to offer in terms of craftsmanship. Gare Croisette is a hybrid location where creatives and entertainers will share a stage for 45 days. This project was put into motion by Cannes' mayor, David Lisnard and his team in order to support artistic creativity and shine a light on those different art forms for everyone to discover. Using, as always, art and culture as a vehicle for emancipation, personal development and social link.

“The city of Cannes has designated all the buildings around the Gare Maritime in order to create (…) an open space carrying cultural initiatives and events, aimed at the targeting the people living in Cannes but also visitors. (…) highlighting local talents, young creators and artists from Cannes, in a central location open to everyone. Every evening, you can choose from a wide variety of events.”

- David Lisnard, Cannes Mayor

Cannes Croisette Agenda

8 December - 22 January


  • Exhibitions: the Gare Croisette is also a gallery where the works of local graphic artists, the exhibitors of Playtime Project, etc. will be displayed.

  • Talks: public meetings on different themes (cinema, new technologies, fashion and eco-responsibility) will be organised with speakers such as CANNESERIES, Université Côte d'Azur, OSOL (a Cannes-based start-up based at the Bastide Rouge business incubator in La Bocca), Résine Azur Estérel and Green be event upcycling, etc.

  • Demonstrations and introductions: an opportunity to (re)discover artistic and/or cultural activities (dance masterclass, ceramic workshops with BLUE DREAM, Djing, upcycling, etc.).

  • Special children's programme: exploring the culture of board games with the prestigious Festival Des Jeux.

  • Hosting of live radio: Cannes Radio, NRJ, Southspread, Crossover Radio, and many others will be invited to relocate their airwaves live from the Gare Croisette and take control of the playlist.


  • Kids market: a festival of activities for children (kids' designer market, DJ set, glitter workshop, games, etc.)

  • Plants for all: a plant sales fair for responsible gardening at low prices.

  • Playground Christmas Market: A vinyl market, thrift shop, second-hand and antique shops will all come together in a single event for original gifts before the holidays.

  • Tattoo club & Beer with illustrators: to meet artists, tattooists and illustrators from here and elsewhere during this unique and colourful event!


This space will host all types of articles from young brands, artists, and national or international designers. It will also highlight local emerging brands such as Maison Elysha, BEAYATO, Lisette Shop, Mektoub and Chill. Find:

  • Men's, women's, mixed and children's clothing and accessories;

  • Leather goods and accessories;

  • Home decoration and stationery items;

  • Wellness and cosmetic products;

  • Bookshop with specialised books and magazines (fashion, architecture, music, etc.);

  • A gourmet deli

  • Sneaker customisation pop-ups, and tattoo, barber and nail art areas.

Check out the audiophile Snack Bar!

  • An new concept imagined by SEPTIME features a sonic snack bar will offer an audio-gustatory experience thanks to a special cocktail and cold drinks menu and a food menu made from quality products: Finger food and specialty sandwiches that explores the world of snacking in a refined and international style. The music will be meticulously chosen and played through high-end eco-friendly speakers designed by the Cannes-based start-up French Accoustic, based at the Bastide Rouge business incubator in Cannes-La Bocca.


In association with the new MIDEM+ music festival, from 19 - 10 January, Gare Croisette will host a number of free concerts by local and international DJs and talks on Artificial Intelligence in music, NFTs, the Metaverse and more by industry insiders.





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