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MID3M+24: A New Generation

The music industry festival, MIDƐM+ makes a much-anticipated return to Cannes, from January 24th to 27th, 2024.

The forum, marketplace and music festival offer endless opportunities for connections, growth, creativity, discussion, learning and success that will drive the music industry forward. Key topics to be discussed at MID3M+ include the influence of new technologies on music such as AI, music in gaming and virtual realities, the sustainability of touring, how festivals are pioneering carbon-neutral events and more.

MID3M+ is also revealing speakers Jean Bourcereau (managing partner at Ventech Srishti), Srishti Das (Hivewire), Bruce Hamilton (General Partner at Everybody Ventures), Anne McKinnon (CEO & Co-Founder at Ristband), Sebastien Borget (CEO at The Sandbox), Per Sundin (Pophouse Entertainment) with many more tech and music industry speakers yet to be announced.

After the City of Cannes stepping-in to save the beloved music marketplace last year, this newly rebirthed version of MIDƐM+ has been co-created by the music community. It represents the industry's voice and is powered by those on the inside. It will feature a range of immersive events, thought-provoking conferences by top speakers and impressive live concerts. The 2024 edition will be experiential and business-oriented with real potential for attendees to expand and grow their brand.

Start-Up Battles

New for 2024 are the Start-Up Battles, where new, innovative companies battle for a chance at some serious funding. Open to any start-up founded in (or after) 2020, with less than 1 million euros in previous equity funding. This competition aims to attract leading innovations in the following categories: Web3, Culture, Experience, AI & Impact. 50 finalists will be selected, and each will receive 1 start-up registration pass, visibility & pitching time during MIDƐM+ 24.

The music industry faces more challenges than ever before and MIDƐM+ is a vital community meet-up that helps confront those challenges and propose concrete solutions by bringing together global industry insiders in one place with top-level speakers, thinkers, insiders and experts brainstorming together in collaborative creative formats for an unmissable event. This edition's theme is DISTORTION and will challenge conventions, discuss the industry’s future business trends and celebrate the disruptive power of music.

Key aspects of the reborn MIDƐM+ are centred around including all creative & cultural industries, brands, and services; holding a Public Affairs Summit for dialogue, influence, and collaboration; promoting future talent, investment and vocational training of professionals in an academy; leveraging cross-sector best practices and creating business opportunities as well as much more.


24 - 27 January, 2024

Palais des Festivals, Cannes





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